Commercial Restoration

Our Services Include:

Paint removal

Brick & Masonry cleaning & restoration

Stucco/EIFS cleaning & repair

Log home restoration

Smoke & Water damage removal

Wood & Composite deck restoration

Steel & Iron furniture

Rrail stripping & painting

Graffiti removal

Oil/Stain removal from: garage floors, driveays, pavers

HUCO Blasting Services cleans and restores masonry surfaces using a dustless sandblasting system. Graffiti, paint, efflorescence, black streaking, etc. can all be removed safely and quickly with our water/abrasive mixture propelled by compressed air. Our process is similar to sandblasting, but our blast media is recycled glass; it’s much safer to use and, by mixing water, we keep our dust to a minimum. This process results in less site preparation with no risk to vehicles, landscaping, and most importantly, people. Our technique removes only as much as needed, keeping the substrate intact.


Removal of paint, rust, or mill scale from various metals is quick and easy. Wrought iron, metal decking, truss joists, and structural steel always require maintenance – we prepare these surfaces perfectly for their new coatings in less time, and with less mess, keeping your project on time and on budget.

Corrugated and Steal Deck Ceiling: Left is Blasted while the Right remains Rusted

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