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Marine Restoration

Left is unblasted bottom paint

Right is blasted down to gel coat


Commercial Restoration

Right side is untouched

Left is blasted and rust free


Residential Restoration

Wrought iron furniture blasted

Atop a treated wooddeck blasted


About Us

A nearly 10 year old deck blasted back to like new condition

HUCO Blasting Services was established to meet any and all of your blasting needs.  Our focus is on Soda and Glass Blasting, but we are capable of blasting using whatever media necessary for your restoration. 


Whether Residential, Commercial, or Marine; HUCO Blasting Services is able to help with any type of restoration projects.  Brick, wood, stone, concrete, boat bottoms, metal work, and many other types of material can all be safely blasted to remove years of use, abuse, or lack of maintenance. 


Our Services

A boat bottom blasted down to gel coat ready for new barrier coat and bottom paint.

HUCO Blasting Services implements many tools and media in our restoration of residential, commercial, and marine properties and equipment.  We focus on the media of Soda and Glass, but are not limited to those.  Soda Blasting implements baking soda in the cleaning and restoration of brick, wood, and boat bottoms.  Glass Blasting is the use of recycled glass as an abrasive similar to Sand Blasting without using silica material.  

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