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Our prefered media: New Age Blast Media

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• Similar hardness to many slags, 6.0 on Mohs Scale

• Lighter weight than many slags, allowing for increased consumption efficiency. Contractors report using up to 40% less glass than slags or other mineral abrasives.

• Recommend to use at 90 PSI for best results and increased energy savings.

• Glass delivers very low particle embedment (less than 2%) which produces a whiter (SP-10) finish to the substrate.

• Superior rust-back performance vs. mineral/slag abrasives.

• Reduced disposal costs due to less weight and consumption.

• Approved for use on QPL under Mil-A-22262B (select product and plants only)



• 100% recycled material which is diverted directly from landfills.

• Glass is chemically non toxic and inert. Can be used near water.


• No detectable Heavy or Toxic metals such as arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, etc. which are commonly found in coal-slags, copper-slags, and many mineral abrasives like garnet and staurolite.*


OSHA list of Heavy & Toxic Metals

• Our Coarse & Medium products are approved on the California Air Resource Board’s List of ABRASIVES CERTIFIED FOR DRY OUTDOOR BLASTING UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER G-06-053

• Glass is listed on the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for Blasting Grit.

• Numerous  government  studies  in the U.S.  and Europe  have  confirmed the environmental  and work  safety  and  effectiveness  of using recycled glass abrasives.*

• NIOSH  report on Evaluation of Substitute Abrasives for Silica Sand—See Page 142 of  report for Key Conclusions on Industrial-Hygiene Related Issues on benefits of crushed glass.

New Age Blast Coarse

Used for moderate profiling on aluminum and steel structures, light rust and paint

3+ mil profile on Steel Surfaces



New Age Blast  Med. Coarse

Used for heavy/moderate work on tanks, pipes bridges, ships and all general blasting needs

2.5 + mil profile on Steel Surfaces



New Age Blast Medium

Used on stainless steel for wet/dry blasting of light mil scale, Boat bottoms, maintenance work, graffiti

and restoration

1.0 to 2 mil profile on Steel Surfaces



New Age Blast Fine

Great on softer metals and substrates. Excellent for etching and degreasing on aluminum, car parts and


.5 to 1 mil profile on Steel Surfaces



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